Hi. I’m Paul

My name is Paul Burrell and I am an Art Photographer. I trained as a musician but have had a lifelong passion for photography.  I love the play of light in both urban and natural locations. I want my images to have a soulful or spiritual quality so that people can reflect on them and find something different in them every time.  I am careful to choose the right natural light conditions for each photograph. Some photos appear impressive but quite often they are ‘edited’ to death! I prefer to choose the right subject at the right time and therefore use the minimum of artificial editing.  Light is a wonderful thing and it brings its different gifts at different times of day. Clearly some photographs are better in colour and some in black and white. Occasionally, choosing an interesting angle will make a photo really spring to life. Photographers who have inspired my work include Ansel Adams, Garry Winnogrand and Fay Godwin. I also find inspiration in artists who display an amazing understanding of light in urban situations – Bill Jacklin, Nina Murdoch and Oona Hassim.

Each print sold here is either a Limited Edition Print or part of only a small Canvas Print run so you can be sure that your print is one of a few, not mass produced poster art.

Each print is made to order in the size available. Please allow 10 working days for print and delivery.

The canvas prints are made to order and are available in certain sizes and dimensions to suit the proportions of the original image.

The Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered 1-25.