The Mousehole Cat – Songs

A Cornish Folk Tale

All Songs and Lyrics for The Mousehole Cat


Far In The West

Far In The West – Lyrics (Song Words) Click below to download

1 Far in the West pdf

Kitts … Who’d Have ‘Em?

Kitts … Who’d Have ‘Em? (Lyrics) – Click below to download

2 Kitts…Who’d Have ’em pdf

Stargazy Pie

Stargazy Pie – Lyrics

3 Stargazy Pie pdf

Step Into The Light

Step Into the Light – Lyrics

5 Step Into the Light pdf

The Storm Cat Song

The Storm Cat Song – Lyrics

7 The Storm Cat Song pdf

Mowzer’s Song

Mowzer’s Song  – Lyrics

8 Mowzer’s Song pdf

The Lantern Song

The Lantern Song – Lyrics

9 The Lantern Song pdf


The Mousehole Cat Finale

The Mousehole Cat Finale – Sample Vocals (two bar intro to vocals)

The Mousehole Cat Finale – Backing Track (from the start of the song inc. instrumental)

The Mousehole Cat – Lyrics

10 The Mousehole Cat Finale pdf